Where Jonathan Jenkins Stands


Jonathan Jenkins will fight to keep Americanism alive and well in congressional district six and the nation. Our great nation is not like any other nation in the world.
The United States is unique, in that it was established with a set of principles that has ensured a vast range of freedoms for American citizens. These are rights given to us by God and cannot be taken away. Are we a perfect nation and people? No, but we strive to be the best every day and overcome the challenges and obstacles placed before us, so every American can pursue life, liberty and happiness.


Returning to Normal
We have been living with COVID-19, lockdowns and restrictions for over a year now. There seems to be no plan to get fellow Americans back to work and resume a normal life.
Too many Americans have suffered under these tyrannical lockdowns and ordinances. The best stimulus check is employment. It is time to open the economy and bring our children back to in-person learning at schools.
Jonathan Jenkins wants to put Americans back to work and revive normal life for congressional district six while protecting the high risk and vulnerable from COVID 19. It is time to start living life again!


Champion the Police
Our brave men and women in blue protect and serve their community selflessly. Each day they put their lives on the line to shield us from danger.

The left wants to defund the police. It leaves the police and the community vulnerable and subjected to a high spike in crime as we have seen happen already. We must protect police officers from the political correctness and “wokeness” of the left. We must give our law enforcement the funding and tools necessary to protect themselves and our communities.

Jonathan Jenkins will advocate for legislation that will put our brave men and women first.


2nd Amendment
The right to defend oneself and their family is a human right. We were born with this right, it was not given to us by the government.
As the Representative for congressional district six, Jonathan Jenkins, will work hard to ensure our second amendment rights are protected under the law, according to the Constitution. Jonathan will also work tirelessly to fight unnecessary gun regulation for law abiding American citizens


Election Integrity
Election integrity is vital to our election process and our republic. We know massive voter fraud was committed in the 2020 U.S. presidential election and will be committed again if precautions are not made.
While Jonathan favors local control and states’ rights, he will work to pass legislation specific to federal races like requiring an ID to vote, ending ballot harvesting, and increased penalties for fraudulent voter activity. With these measures, and more, Jonathan hopes to restore voter confidence with free, honest, and lawful election for all registered voters in the 6th Congressional District.


School Choice
A child’s zip code should not determine their school and the quality of their education. Parents have a right to decide which school best fits their child’s educational needs.
School choice creates greater opportunities to have access to superior education especially for those with special needs. Parents must have the opportunity to select the public school, charter school, or private school option best suited to their child. As a board member of a private school, Jonathan Jenkins knows that school choice is essential to a child’s success in education and life which is why he supports school vouchers. Educational funding should go to the student not the failing school systems.


Our veterans and their families have made the utmost sacrifice to keep our nation free and out of harms way. We owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to the brave men and women who have served our great nation.
We must do better for them. Jonathan Jenkins, Gunnery Sergeant on the Marines, served in the Iraq War. He understands our veterans and their experiences. Jonathan will continue his fight to make sure that all veterans receive the help and benefits from the veteran affairs system. He will also work hard to make veteran affairs more efficient, effective, and accountable.


Let Women Compete
One of the first executive orders President Biden signed was to allow transgender females to compete in scholastic sports. In one swoop of the pen, Biden erased women’s sports.
President Biden and the left claim to be champions of women’s rights. That could not be further from the truth. As a result of this executive order, biological males are permitted to compete against females. This puts transgender females at an unfair advantage due to their physiological make up. This will effect females obtaining scholarships and competing in their sports.
As the representative for district six, Jonathan Jenkins will fight to reverse this executive order so females can train and compete among the best biological female athletes in their sport.


Religious Freedom
Freedom of religion is protected under the first amendment and is essential to the American way of life. Religious freedom is more than the freedom to worship or not to worship as one wishes.
It also means that Americans do not have to go against their vales or beliefs to conform to society or our government. Jonathan Jenkins will work relentlessly to protect our religious freedom and ensure that government will never interfere with one’s right to practice and live the values of their faith.


Respect Life
Jonathan Jenkins is a staunch defender of life. All human life is precious and equal in the eyes of God. Abortion stops a beating heart and we must give a voice and protect the innocent life that cannot defend themselves.
Jonathan opposes the use of abortion except in cases of rape, incest, or if the mother’s life is in danger. Jonathan will fight to eliminate Roe v. Wade. Jonathan believes that due to the 10th amendment, abortion issues should be decided by the state and the federal government should not be involved.


National Security
We must keep the United States safe from foreign and domestic enemies. It is fundamental that we protect the lives and safety of Americans. Our allies must be able to trust our word and rely on us.
While our enemies must take our words and actions seriously. Knowing, that if they attempt to jeopardize the safety of our country, there will be consequences.
Jonathan Jenkins served in the Iraq War as a Gunnery Sergeant in the Marines. He understands the importance of national security and will be a staunch advocate for our country’s safety.


National Debt
Our national debt is over $27 trillion, which includes debt held by the public as well as other government accounts. This is one of our greatest national security threats.
We must stop our reckless spending now. Our future and future generations of Americans depend on it. When elected to office, Jonathan Jenkins will support a balanced budget amendment that will reign in spending if Congress fails to maintain a balanced budget. In 2011, earmarks, also known as pork, was banned. However, some democrats are attempting to revive them. Jonathan will work hard to ensure the revival of earmarks is stopped in its tracks.


Put “Wokeness” to Sleep
Woke politics spreads lies and misinformation. It is feelings over facts. Wokeness does not inspire action, it stops it. Resistance to wokeness has resulted in the cancel culture.
We need to get back to fact-based discussions to resolve our problems in addressing our future. Wokeness and cancel culture are the early steps toward a totalitarian government. It must be stopped before we lose our freedoms.
As the representative of district six, Jonathan Jenkins will fight for the facts over feelings. He will assure our liberties are not canceled and our history will not be rewritten to fit political correctness. Free speech must prevail.


Congressional Accountability
Congressional approval rating is at just 15%. Congress’ inability to get things done for the American people is primarily because Congress is not held accountable for their actions. Reform is imperative.
When elected to Congress, Jonathan Jenkins will propose term limits for Congress; five terms for the House of Representatives and two terms for the Senate. Jonathan also will seek to stop congressional defined pensions plans. Jonathan will propose each member of Congress be required to submit a yearly financial disclosure open to public review. Jonathan will advocate for no salary payments for a member of Congress who earns more than $250,000 annually outside of Congressional pay. As a result of Jonathan’s plan to reform Congress, we will attract true leaders who are more interested in serving their constituents and not becoming wealthy from their position.


Reigning in Executive Orders
President Biden signed 32 executive orders in his first month of office” or “In his first 3 weeks alone, President Biden has signed 32 executive orders.
  He has banned fracking and the Keystone pipeline, eliminating thousands of jobs.
As congressman of district six, Jonathan Jenkins will fight for legislation ending executive orders and restore our balanced system of government such that no single person can dictate regulations and policy


Section 230, is legislation that was passed into law as part of the Communications Decency Act of 1996. Section 230 allows social media companies to censor the content posted on their site.
Companies such as Amazon, used section 230 to justify removing the free speech outlet, Parler from their web hosting service.
Facebook and Twitter also justified banning President Trump and other conservatives from their outlets by falsely stating they were blatantly lying.
Jonathan Jenkins will fight to repeal section 230 as Congressman of district six, so all Americans will have freedom of speech in the 21st Century public forum

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