No West Virginia for Me

Since late January, I have been campaigning to represent Western Maryland in the US House of Representative because those hardworking people continue to be neglected.  As your next Congressman I would absolutely not support seceding the three Western Maryland counties of Allegany, Garrett, and Washington to West Virginia.

Of the many learnings I had in the Marine Corps it’s that we must keep leaning forward into the fight.  Western Marylanders are tough and resilient and do not suspect many, if it all, would just walk away from their heritage, culture, and traditions.

Western Maryland’s history is steep with examples of patriotic Americans standing against tyranny in their own backyards.  They stand their ground and fight for what they deserve.  A drive up routes 270 and 70 with a Civil War history book details skirmishes and battles to protect the Union.

I agree Western Marylanders are under attack by both the Federal and State governments.  Our governments do place us at risk by infringing on our Second Amendment rights.  Our ability to earn and retire comfortably is extremely hampered due to their crippling taxes.  Our children and grandchildren are being assaulted by CRT and Kirwan.  The lack of broadband continues to reduce businesses opportunities and of course and limits parents and children from the their education.  There are many more examples but I believe you get the point.

I say we stay and reclaim our rights.  We simply need candidates and elected officials at all levels of government who are highly energized, ever present,  and are of course unwavering and unapologetic with American ideals.  We need individuals who seek a lifetime of service vice politics so Western Maryland is more than just the most majestic place to live in our state.

As your next Congressman, I will be bring Western Maryland the voice needed in Washington DC.  I will actively work with Congressman Andy Harris to strengthen our messages.  Strong and highly vocal conservative leadership in the West and East will allow all of Maryland to push back harder against failed governments and Marxist ideals.

As your Congressman expect stark contrast between myself and those that may run challenge us.  Some of my achievable but bold ideas to serve Western Maryland include;

  • Stop forced vaccination and mandates so we can fully open up
  • Eliminate federal taxes for retirees (except for pre-taxed plans)
  • Eliminate federal taxes for those with disabilities
  • Eliminate federal taxes for military members
  • Eliminate the cap of pre-tax contributions to savings plans
  • Reduce federal taxes on business so they have the opportunity to compete
  • Collaborate with state and county governments to reduce their business taxes so they are aligned with neighboring states
  • Start repealing most of the 20,000+ gun laws
  • Reduce the scope of the Department of Education to its original intent of collecting information and statistics about the nation’s schools
  • Eliminate barriers for services for greater competition (broadband, insurance, utilities, etc.) to drive cost down while simultaneously increasing value and performance
  • Eliminate duplicative government programs and those that cannot demonstrate value
  • Be present… hold at least 1 public town hall each month in every county

Please share this with everyone and sign up to follow our campaign.  Our campaign for all.

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Published by Jonathan Jenkins

Jonathan believes in the greatness of America and recognizes the need to fight against all those that oppose our culture, traditions, and the way of life we once lived. Jonathan believes American restoration requires going back to the fundamentals of personal responsibility, limited government, and freedoms. Jonathan will serve you by only voting for legislation that meets these fundamentals and aggressively work to repeal contrary legislation.

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