Happy Independence Day – America First

This July 4th, we remember the great patriots that fought and died so we can be free. We remember how the 2nd Continental Congress came together and unanimously adopted the Declaration of Independence.

Fast forward 245 years, we now find ourselves fighting tyranny from within. From Antifa, BLM, and George Soros’ backed District Attorney and School Boards to the Marxist takeover of the Democratic Party our country is fighting for its soul.

We must admit we are at war as they believe they are at war with us. We need to remain steadfast and committed to defending American principles and values on a daily basis.

No longer can we settle for weak elected officials who talk “tough” but risk nothing. No longer can we sit back and hope others will fix the problems we face in almost every aspect of society.

We need men and women to take the fight against the evils within even at the risk of losing relationship and business.

Just like in 1776, we are greater in number than those against us. We can win this cultural war and put wokeness to sleep. We are right and just but we need to win over evil as it surely will not be given.

I beg every to do your part to purge the ills within our great nation so we can have a united front against the evils outside our great nation. As Abraham Lincoln said “A house divided against itself cannot stand”.

I love my country and all that it has given me. It’s now my turn to blaze the trail for freedom so my little ones experience the same American dream I have. Please join me.

America First. America Always.

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Published by Jonathan Jenkins

Jonathan believes in the greatness of America and recognizes the need to fight against all those that oppose our culture, traditions, and the way of life we once lived. Jonathan believes American restoration requires going back to the fundamentals of personal responsibility, limited government, and freedoms. Jonathan will serve you by only voting for legislation that meets these fundamentals and aggressively work to repeal contrary legislation.

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