Better healthcare for the people of Maryland

On healthcare, I am the ideal choice because I understand what it is like for a middle class family with young children to handle unexpected costs, emergencies, and insurances that do not fit our needs. Like most of you, I realized the unaffordability of Obama-care and how we could not trust any government run program that cannot even roll out a website.

While Universal (government) healthcare will be a complete disaster I will lead the fight on where there is common ground like accessibility, pre-existing conditions, and preventive approaches vs treatment. Because affordability is a huge factor in healthcare, I will lead the fight to eliminate state-based health insurance with a full free market approach that provides greater options at a much- reduced cost. Other fights include deregulation to bring healthcare products / services to market more quickly and eliminate / reduce taxes and fees on healthcare related items.

On the campaign trail, I will have a Healthcare Liaison to listen to your concerns and needs so we can shape the solution together. Together we will form a realistic patient-focused approach that I can take to Congress.

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Published by Jonathan Jenkins

Jonathan believes in the greatness of America and recognizes the need to fight against all those that oppose our culture, traditions, and the way of life we once lived. Jonathan believes American restoration requires going back to the fundamentals of personal responsibility, limited government, and freedoms. Jonathan will serve you by only voting for legislation that meets these fundamentals and aggressively work to repeal contrary legislation.

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